Prepaid Card API

Prepaid card is not like the debit card or debit card . Prepaid card is a physical card and have a unique no. we recharge this card like the sim card, DTH card metro card and use this amount in online shopping, in the shops, on the petrol pumps etc. we use this card till the amount is not finished in this card. Once the recharge amount is finished in the card we need to recharge again this prepaid card. For this card we provide the prepaid card API.

Softcare Infotech is one of the best company which provide the prepaid card API. Using this API you can use all the prepaid card services. With the prepaid API you cane make the prepaid card and provide the prepaid card recharge service. A prepaid card is both the virtual card, or physical card. With the Softcare Infotech you can take the prepaid card API and provide all Prepaid card using your portal.

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