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Application Programming Interface also known as API is a kind of procedure that allows an application to connect with other programs with ease. Also, it's a kind of language used to transfer a sort of information from one program to the other.

Softcare Infotech is a trusted and well-known API service provider company in India. With our proficient and experienced team of professionals fulfill the platform integration in demand. This feature allows us to integrate with amazing online marketing network APIs.

It's the time to get your own B2B portal with Softcare Infotech. Our APIs are featured with secured and ready to use plugins that help to make personalized portals. Our APIs are consisting of advanced technologies that add value to your business with increased sales.

We, at Softcare Infotech, help the organizations to integrate our APIs with third-party portals or applications to encourage the customers for using their software. Our API services allow a company to collect the data from a wide range of authorized external sources.

Softcare Infotech APIs include a wide range of services like AEPS, BBPS, Money transfer, Recharge, ticket booking services, and much more. We also provide a multi API platform that allows a business correspondent to offer a wide range of online services under one platform.

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