Money Transfer API Commission

People face lots of challenges while transferring money from one bank account to another. Hence, for the convenience of our customers, Softcare Infotech provides money transfer API that allows your retailers to transform their online store into the mini bank.

People who want to transfer funds using cash need to contact the retailers and transfer or deposit the money in the recipient’s account. Integrate our APIs on your existing portal and increase your business’s revenue for yourself and your retailers too.

Transferring money is the most commonly used service of banks. Hence, providing this facility to the customers will transform your retailer’s hop into a mini bank offering basic banking services. This increases the number of customers.

Earn great commissions for every transfer of funds, depositing cash, withdrawing cash and for a balance, inquiry too performed by your retailers. The commission costs depend upon the amount to be transacted. The bigger the amount the higher is the commission.

Retailers can also provide a printed transaction receipt to their customers of the successful transaction for their future use in case of fraud. This assures them for safe and secure transactions. Our money transfer API is easy to use and navigate developed by the team of highly- qualified and certified API experts.

MONEY TRANSFER API Rs 20000 / - Rs 10-Rs 5,000 = -8%

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